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A small complilation of my wishes for the fall from my favorites off the runway.

I can not with Fendi’s monster bags for Resort, its not fair that I can not afford one!

Celine’s awkward oversized shapes make me look forward to layering this fall, and that shopping bag plaid print is the epitome of humorous fashion that I love!

Left: Margaret Karczewski Face Mask Bag Spring ‘12

RIght: FENDI Monster Bag Fall ‘13

I am not even mad, I just think its time to go to Europe.

Dolly Necklaces by Yours Truely

Spot light on my girls #sagafurs #parsons #thesis (at Pier 60)
Book hunting (at New York Public Library - Ottendorfer Library)

My portfolio

Thesis: what the whole year comes down to. As happy as I am with it I am ready to move on to my next project because I never stop! I am really proud of myself for missing two weeks of school for traveling and getting this all in done to present to industry people at our panel. I was also able to work with an amazing photographer Sophie Kuller, and model, Hannah Sides of Major Model Management.

Literally a week after my Hong Kong trip I was in Milan. (HK>NY>Milan in 3 days was not a relaxing experience). I was a finalist, one of 8, who had a fur design produced and flown to Milan to compete in the annual MiFur Remix Student Competition. Besides having my luggage sent to Barcelona without me I had one of the best experiences of my life. Presenting infront of an impressive panel of 19 judges, along with walking down the runway with my model and, of course, meeting some amazing designers from all around the world. Although I did not come home with any “official prize,” I would definitely cap this year off as an epic one. «here is an awesome article written about me after the trip.

A very small selection of photos taken while I was in Hong Kong. As a result of an accessory competition junior year, I was sponsored by Saga Furs and Hong Kong Fur Federation for my senior thesis. Not only did they produce three of my designs, they flew me and another student to Hong Kong to attent the Annual Hong Kong Fur Federation Fair.